Between Stage And Reality

Short Film

WITH | fabio giarratano sebastiano cangialeoni caterina libranti ignazio giarratano amadeus
SOUND DESIGN | giacomo cella
AD | filippo de palma
MOTION GRAPHIC | michelangelo di giacomo
GRADING | pietro borzì
PRODUCER | pietro borzì

"Between Stage And Reality" is about a young man who has dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler since he was a child. He chooses a name, Red Scorpion, and a mask, just like when he dressed up as a child during the carnival. Time passes and Fabio becomes a Pro-Wrestler and coach of the same discipline.

Efforts in the gym and trips abroad are not enough to guarantee him a stable future thanks to this sport, he would like Wrestling to have a following in Italy as much as in the USA or Mexico. “Between Stage And Reality” is a film that reveals the desires between past and present of those who practice Pro-Wrestling with difficulty in Italy and Europe. It tells of one of those dreams that, growing up, many abandon due to lack of tenacity.

Roland Barthes, the French philosopher in his The World Of Wrestling (1957), declared: "In the ring, wrestlers remain gods because they are, for a few moments, the key that leads to Nature, the pure gesture that separates good from evil, revealing the form of a justice that is finally understandable. "